Does Walmart Have Cashback Limits? - (2023)

Before ATMs were so widely available, cashback was a much more common service. But what exactly is cashback? It’s honestly exactly what it sounds like. Cash back is when you receive cash back from a retail checker or self checkout station when paying with a debit card for a purchase.

Like almost all major grocery retailers, Walmart offers cash back in increments of $20, with a limit of $100 per transaction. You can also receive cash back when paying with a personal check. However, cashback on check transactions is limited to $20.

By going to the Walmart Money Center, you could get the full amount of your check cashed for a small fee.

Availability of this service may vary depending on the amount of cash available in each register or at each store.

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How Does Cash Back Work At Walmart?

Getting cashback from Walmart is super easy. All you have to do is make a purchase at a cash register or self checkout kiosk and request cashback during the payment process.

In order to grant you your cashback, the checker or checkout machine charges the additional cash amount to your bank card, then removes the cash from the register and gives it to you. Essentially, cash back allows shoppers to withdraw cash from their bank account while making a purchase at a point of sale.

Thankfully, Walmart’s basic cashback service does not cost the shopper anything beyond the cost of their transaction and the amount they’re requesting in cash.

Does Walmart Have Cashback Limits?

Walmart imposes a $100 cashback limit per transaction. However, they allow customers to request three cashback transactions per day, so you could theoretically receive up to $300 in cash per day using cashback at Walmart.

Just keep in mind that this depends on the availability of cash at the store you’re requesting cash back from. If a store is running low on cash, they’re less likely to offer large sums of cash back.

When Can You Get Cash Back At Walmart?

You can request cash back at any time during Walmart’s opening hours, as long as a checkout line is open. Cashback services at Walmart are available through any open checkout line, including self checkout. However, some self checkout lines might limit cashback to $60.

Walmart store hours vary by location, with some stores closing around 10 or 11 PM while other stores stay open 24 hours.

How To Get Cash Back At Walmart

To receive cash back at Walmart, you will need to:

  • Pay with a debit card (limit = $100) or personal check (limit = $20)
  • Visit any cash register, including self checkout, and request cashback during the payment process

Unfortunately, cashback cannot be requested on credit card transactions. This includes Walmart Credit Cards and all other major credit cards such as Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. The reason for this is because credit cards are not bank cards, so they do not have access to funds in real time.


Why won’t my Walmart credit card let me get cash back?

Cashback is typically only available to customers paying with debit cards or personal checks. The reason you can’t receive cashback from a credit card is the same reason you can’t use a credit card at an ATM.

Can you get cash back at Walmart without a PIN?

No. While you can use your debit card without a PIN (it’ll work as a credit card), you will not be able to receive cash back in this case.

How much cash back can you get at Walmart self-checkout?

Some Walmart self checkout lanes limit cash back to $60 while others allow the full limit of $100.

Does the Walmart app give cash back?

No. Cashback is only available through a checkout stand, such as a traditional register or self checkout.

Can you get cash back at Walmart with Samsung Pay?

No. Walmart does not accept Samsung Pay as a valid form of payment.

Does Walmart count as a grocery store for cash back?

Yes. Walmart offers cash back just like most major grocery stores.

How much cash back can you get at the Walmart Money Center?

This depends on the type of transaction you are requesting through the Walmart Money Center. For certain check-cashing services, Walmart Money Center allows customers to walk away with as much as $7,500 in cash.


Getting cashback at Walmart is super easy and straightforward. All you have to do is come prepared with a valid debit card or personal check and visit any open register. Credit cards are not valid for cashback.

Cashback is limited to $100 per transaction, but customers can request up to three cashback transactions per day. If you’re using a personal check to request cashback, you will be limited to $20 in cashback.

However, you can also use the Walmart Money Center to cash the full amount of your check for a small fee of between $4 and $8 depending on the amount of your check.


Is there a limit on cash back at Walmart? ›

Walmart's cash back limit is $20 for a personal check, $120 with a Discover card, and $100 with a debit card. Walmart does not add additional fees to cash-back transactions, which makes this a great alternative to taking money out from an ATM or bank.

How much cash back can you get at Meijer? ›

Meijer only allows me to get up to $50 cash back per transaction. I usually end up going to Walmart if I want to get cash because they allow me to get up to $100.

How much cashback can you get? ›

Cashback on a credit card means that you'll receive a certain percentage of money back when you spend money with your card. The percentage might vary depending on your card company, but it is usually in the range of 0.5% to 3%.

How much money can you pull from Walmart? ›

For security reasons, we may limit the amount, number, and type of transactions you can make on your Card and any funding or reload of your Card. You may only withdraw up to $500 from an ATM in a single day and $400 per teller transaction at a participating bank, unless otherwise indicated.

Can I withdraw 1000 from Walmart? ›

You may only withdraw up to $500 from an ATM and $1,000 from a Walmart register in a single day and $1,500 per teller transaction at a participating bank, unless otherwise indicated.

What stores have a high cash back limit? ›

Stores That Give the Most Cash Back at the Register:
  • Albertson's: you can get $100-$300 with a debit card.
  • Food Lion: you can get $200 with a debit card and $50 with a personal check.
  • Safeway: you can get $200 with a debit card.
  • Save Mart Supermarkets: you can get $200-$300 with a debit card (varies by location).
Jul 19, 2019

How much does Target give cash back? ›

At most Target locations, you can get up to $40 cash back using a debit card at a register or self-checkout. If returning merchandise, you'll typically only receive cash back if you made the purchase with cash.

Can you get cash back with Meijers? ›

4. Rewards. You will receive a $10 Reward automatically each time you spend $750 on Net Eligible Purchases on your Meijer Mastercard or Meijer Credit Card account that may be redeemed for up to $10 off eligible purchases at Meijer stores. Rewards do not have cash value.

What is Dollar General cash back limit? ›

The minimum spend limit required by Dollar General is $5. Maximum Dollar General cash back amount: There is a cash back limit of $40 per purchase, which means you would need to do multiple purchase transactions if you want to qualify for more.

What is the largest amount I can cash at Walmart? ›

Walmart has a simple limit for check-cashing: $5,000 per check. During the months of January through April, this limit is increased temporarily to $7,500 to accommodate the larger checks that customer might bring in as a result of their tax refunds.

Can you cash 5000 at Walmart? ›

Walmart charges a different check-cashing fee based on the check amount. For checks of $1,000 or less, the maximum fee is $3.00. For checks of more than $1,000 up to $5,000, the maximum fee is $6.00.

How much does Walgreens give cash back? ›

Walgreens Cash Rewards

These rewards are in the form of store credit that you can use on future purchases. Members earn 1% in Walgreens Cash rewards per dollar spent storewide, including the pharmacy, and 5% on Walgreens-branded products.

How much cashback can you get at Walgreens? ›

However, Walgreens will only give you cash back on a debit card purchase. Depending on the store, the maximum amount of cash back you can receive is $20 or $50, with most stores providing up to $50. Walgreens will not provide cash back on purchases made using a personal check, a credit card, or Apple pay.


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