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How to Clean Blackstone Griddle You Should Read THIS! (2023)

Avoid using steel wool or abrasive pads since they might damage the non-stick coating. Use water and baking soda. Apply a paste to the discolored area by combining baking soda and water. After letting it remain for a while, clean the area gently with a sponge or towel. Use water and vinegar.

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Method #1: Scrape and clean, add oil ( after each use ) Routine Cleaning - This method is your daily routine cleaning, sort of speaking. This is the method you want to apply after each use of your griddle. This method consists of, after your food is cooked and you are done using the griddle, turn off the burners and scrape the grill top with.

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Here are the steps in cleaning your flat-top grill: Step 1 Take 50% of the mixture and pour it into a spray bucket while you pour the other half into a small bucket. Step 2 Spray the grill surface and cooking grates with the water-vinegar mix. If you're using a gas burner to heat up your griddle, then you may want to remove the cooking grates.

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Step 1. To clean a flat top grill, first of all, make sure your grill is hot at a temperature of 300 degrees F. For this, turn the burners on to the medium setting. When the surface is properly hot, turn the burners off. Doing this will soften all the hard stains and the food particles.

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It will enable you to remove any burnt food, grime, or grease. Follow the following steps for the cleaning process. Add a little bit of baking soda to the griddle. Add a little bit of water. Turn the burner on for five minutes on medium heat. Lower the temperature to low heat for thirty seconds. Turn the heat off.

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Let it boil up to loosen the greasy build-up. Step 3: Set a folded-up paper towel on the wet griddle. Then place the flat metal spatula on the paper towel and scrub back and forth to remove the dirty water and debris. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if needed. Step 4: Remove the catch-tray and wash in the sink. Done!

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Method 4: Steam Cleaning. Introduction to steam cleaning as an eco-friendly option. Steam cleaning is an excellent method for cleaning your griddle without using harmful chemicals. It is an eco-friendly option that effectively removes grease and grime, leaving your griddle clean and ready to use.

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Pour the remaining vinegar water mixture over the top grill's surface. Scrub the top grill using a grill brush, barbecue brush, or grill brick in concentric circles. If the gunk doesn't come off easily with a wire brush, or grill brush, use a grill scraper or a griddle scraper. A grill scraper works excellent at removing stubborn debris.

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Create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution liberally onto the griddle's surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a griddle scraper or spatula to gently remove any stubborn residue or food particles. Wipe the griddle clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

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Mix a solution of vinegar and water (half of each) Switch the grill on hot. Spray the vinegar mixture on the grill and spread it around with a grill brush. Repeat this about two or three times till the mixture and grease have formed a gunky mess. Switch the grill off and pour more of the vinegar mixture on the grill.

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Step 3: Rinsing and Drying the Cooking Surface. After that, drain the bucket of cleaning solution and replace it with fresh hot water. Wipe down the cooking surface with a microfiber towel dipped in clean water to remove any soap. After the surface is free of suds, thoroughly dry the griddle with a dry towel.

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Step 3: Add a Splash of Lemon Juice and/or Vinegar. If a griddle scraper on its own is not enough to clean the griddle, lemon and vinegar are effective cleaning agents. These natural ingredients kill bacteria and loosen stubborn build-up without damaging your griddle. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto the hot griddle's surface.

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1. Clean Your Non-stick Griddle With Vinegar. Whether it is a flat-top griddle, an electric one or a commercial one, you can clean all types of griddles using vinegar. Vinegar works as a great anti-corrosive agent, which is why many people use it. First, mix the vinegar with water and pour it into a spray bottle.

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Step 3: Clean Off the Grease Using Vinegar. After cleaning the burnt residue, it's time to degrease and clean your Teflon non-stick griddle. Vinegar mixed in warm water and lemon effectively cuts through grease and removes food residues left during the initial cleaning stages. See my detailed article on how to clean a griddle with lemon juice.

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3. Rinse and dry the griddle. After treating a griddle for rust, cleaning it with a neutral soap such as Dawn Powerwash and water will help to remove any final flecks of rust and leftover cleaning solution. Once clean, dry the griddle thoroughly with a clean towel to ensure no liquid remains.

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Prepare Cleaning Solution: Mix warm water with a mild degreasing cleaner or griddle cleaner. Clean the Griddle: Use a non-scratch pad or sponge to scrub the griddle's surface with the cleaning solution. Rinse and Dry: Rinse the griddle with clean water to remove any residue. Dry the griddle thoroughly before use.

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