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Skip and Go Naked Recipe SundaySupper Positively Stacey

A delightful recipe for Sip And Go Naked made with gin, lemonade, beer and water. Ingredients:1 cup gin12 oz lemonade concentrate24 oz beer24 oz water Method:Mix all ingrediants together in a pitcher. Tastes and smells non-alcoholic, but packs a wallop.Serve in:Pitcher

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Pour half of drink mix into a separate pitcher. Add ice to the remaining drink mix in the blender and blend until frothy. Serve. Garnishing with fruit slices, mini umbrellas, fresh raspberries, plastic flamingos, fun straws etc. is totally optional, but I highly recommend it! Make a second batch with the remaining mix.

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Instructions. In a Large glass filled with ice, add the vodka and lemonade and mix well. Pour in a light cold beer and garnish with a melon wedge. Serve immediately. Preparation time: 2 minute (s) Number of servings (yield): 1. Print Recipe.

Skip and Go Naked Recipe SundaySupper Positively Stacey

Mechanism. Dice Rolling. Family. Category: Drinking Games Theme: Stripping. From the back of the box: Sip 'n Go Naked is the wildest and most unpredictable party game ever invented! Fill your drink and bundle up. The winner in this game is the last person to remove all of their clothes! Roll the dice and make your way around the board.

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This great Sip and Go Naked recipe is made with Gin, Lemonade, Beer, Water. Menu. Drinks. By Category By Ingredient Top Ingredients Random. Games; Tips. Ingredient Dictionary Techniques Equipping Reference. Articles. Columns Reviews and Interviews. Search; Home. Drinks. Sip and Go Naked. Sip and Go Naked. Drink Type: Cocktail

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A Sip and go naked is a beer- and gin-based cocktail typically served in a Pitcher. It is a simple mixed drink with 4 ingredients. Follow the cocktail recipe below to learn how to make a Sip and go naked.

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Directions. In a 4 to 5 gallon sports drink dispenser, combine the light beer, vodka and lemonade concentrate. Stir gently to disperse the lemonade. Put the lid on and serve. This party-sized version of the classic vodka, beer and lemonade cocktail is recommended to consume before a Nebraska football game.

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The Skip And Go Naked cocktail typically features a mix of spirits, juices, and sometimes soda to create a balanced and flavorful drink. Its bright and citrusy flavors make it a perfect choice for warm weather or casual get-togethers.. When you take a sip of a Skip And Go Naked, you'll first notice the tangy and citrusy notes that.

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Mixed Drink Recipe from Cocktail Builder. 1 oz of Gin. 2 oz of sweet and sour mix. chilled beer (or light beer) Pour gin and sweet and sour into a collins glass over ice cubes and stir well. Fill with chilled beer, stir lightly, and serve. More Recipes >>.


The Sip And Go Naked cocktail quickly gained a reputation for its ability to pack a punch while remaining refreshing and easy to drink. It became a favorite among party-goers and those looking to have a good time. The cocktail's popularity spread like wildfire, becoming a staple at social gatherings and college parties..

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Next up in our series of drink recipes: the Skip and Go Naked. This is the BEST way to make the Skip and Go Naked cocktail! Today we feature Bombay Sapphire.

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Combine sugar, water, lemon zest, and lime zest in a medium saucepan set over medium heat. Stir until the sugar has dissolved into the water. Bring the mixture to a boil, let bubble for 1 minute, then take the saucepan off the heat. Cover and let infuse for 30 minutes. Strain the syrup into a clean jar, and store in the refrigerator for up to 1.

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directions. Fill a blender half way with ice. Pour in beer, lemonade, and vodka. Blend well and serve. to Ask a Question. Share it with the community! This recipe comes from Susan Branch's Summer Cookbook. I saw a recipe similar to this but I think this version is spectacular on a summer day loungin.


Fill a cocktail shaker or mixing glass with ice cubes. Pour 1 cup of vodka into the shaker. Add 1 cup of light beer to the shaker. Pour 1 cup of lemonade into the shaker. Add 1 cup of lemon-lime soda to the shaker. Close the shaker tightly and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Fill a glass with ice cubes.

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directions. Pour lemonade concentrate in a large pitcher. Measure 12 ounces vodka in the empty lemonade container and pour over concentrate; stir to blend. Add the beer and stir well. It will fizz a bit but settle after a minute over two. Serve over ice and enjoy! This is a very refreshing summer ADULT beverage that tastes like lemonade.

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