Could you get your transponder keys programmed at Walmart? (2023)

Could you get your transponder keys programmed at Walmart? (1)

In case you are thinking, “Can Walmart program transponder keys?”, then you are not the only one. It can be frustrating and stressful when your keys stop working right when you are getting ready to attend an important meeting.

If you have a relatively newer vehicle, it can be more challenging. Many of these new vehicles have remote key fobs, and it can be a huge disadvantage if your keys are not functioning properly.

Can Walmart program transponder keys?

When it comes to getting your transponder keys replaced, any auto dealership or emergency locksmith could help you out. Unfortunately, Walmart is not among those places that could replace transponder keys.

Ideally, Walmart provides an easy way to replicate car keys, and if you have an older vehicle, this is the place to be for duplicating.

By contrast, owners of new vehicles that have electronic key fobs will not be able to get an exact replica made at Walmart. Most stores like Walmart do not have the technology required to copy systems embedded within your car’s key.

Also, most vehicle manufacturers take extra care so that stores like Walmart are not able to duplicate your chip keys. They also do not want you to go to a locksmith for replacement.

Instead, they want you to visit your auto dealership. Since it is more expensive to get your new keys made at dealerships, manufacturers would benefit from you making a trip to the dealership.

Also, car manufacturers do not want their encoded structures to be solved by hackers easily. This is why each car is programmed with its own code that could be copied onto new keys at the dealership.

Could you get your transponder keys programmed at Walmart? (2)

What is the cost of obtaining replica transponder keys?

Getting a new set of programmed transponder keys could be costly if you are availing them from the dealership. There is a difference in price on the basis of what kind of vehicle you seek duplicate keys for.

If you have a domestic vehicle, expect the cost to be lower, within around $250. For a foreign car, you would be paying a significantly higher amount.

For multiple transponder keys, there will be an additional charge up to $100 per key. If you have a restricted budget, there are several ways you can program your transponder keys at a lower cost.

Contact your auto insurance company to see whether you are eligible for a free or low-cost transponder key. Sometimes your vehicle’s warranty might cover the cost of a replacement key. Make sure to see whether you qualify for any of these to avoid incurring a hefty expense.

How can I program transponder keys?

If you want to program transponder keys by yourself, you can do it by following a set procedure. Though it is best to get professional help in case it is your first time or you are not feeling confident about programming by yourself.

When you go to a dealership to obtain a new set of keys, you are required to show a few things. These include a photo ID and any proof of vehicle ownership.

Following that, you can set up an appointment with your dealer to program new keys. Make sure that you have an appointment; if not, you would have to wait for a long time before you can get someone’s attention.

It is possible that the dealer might ask for some time to duplicate your keys. Be prepared for additional costs involved in the process such as for towing your vehicle.

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If you need someone to program your transponder keys in Kansas City, call Speedy Locksmith today!

Speedy Locksmith is a licensed, bonded, and insured company serving Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

We can help with providing specialized and unspecialized automotive locksmith services, including answering your question, “Can Walmart program transponder keys?”.


Could you get your transponder keys programmed at Walmart? ›

Most stores like Walmart do not have the technology required to copy systems embedded within your car's key. Also, most vehicle manufacturers take extra care so that stores like Walmart are not able to duplicate your chip keys. They also do not want you to go to a locksmith for replacement.

Does Walmart do key programming? ›

Some Walmart locations can copy many vehicle keys, including transponder keys. The price can range between $23 and $330 depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Transponder keys can take up to 7 minutes to program.

Can I program a transponder key myself? ›

When using the correct key, the chip inside the key disengages the immobilizer to allow the car to start. Most people ask if they can program chip key by themselves -but we don't recommend it. It's better to reach out to a professional automotive locksmith to program it for you.

How much does a key transponder programmer cost? ›

While it's hard to give a universal estimate, the general cost is between $50 and $250 for reprogramming. Here's a look at some factors that can determine price: Fob Type: Smart keys with a transponder (RFID), keyless ignition, or other extra features tend to be more expensive to reprogram.

How do you program a transponder key at home? ›

Programming a Single Key
  1. Insert the key into the ignition, and turn it to the on position. ...
  2. Leave the key in this position for 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and then turn it off.
  3. Turn the key back on, and wait for additional 10 minutes and 30 seconds before turning it off again.
  4. Repeat the process for a third time.
Feb 10, 2021

How do you program a car key without the original? ›

Go to an automotive locksmith

An automotive locksmith can create a new key that works with your specific vehicle. On top of that, an automotive locksmith may be able to program your replacement key fob if that's the issue.

What app do I use to program a transponder key? ›

Armed with just your smartphone, EZ Key Programming app and OBD dongle, you'll be able to program vehicle keys. Our simple system guides you through auto key programming via the OBD port, allowing you to program all available types of auto replacement keys. For more information, visit

How long does it take to reprogram a transponder key? ›

Since most of us have smart phones we can call the local locksmith to reprogram a new key. For most of the newer cars, this process takes about an hour or so to replace and reprogram the key. In most cases, the vehicle owner does not even need to have the original smart or transponder key.

What tool do locksmiths use to program keys? ›

InstaCode is a vital tool for any professional locksmith.

Does Home Depot do transponder keys? ›

Does Home Depot Make Car Keys? While Home Depot may primarily be a store for home improvement, they do make car keys as well as program transponder keys and key fobs. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, keys can range from $2 to $169.

Is a transponder key the same as a chip key? ›

Chipped, or Transponder, keys are keys that have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inside the head of the key. These types of keys have become an industry standard for vehicle manufacturers. This is because the RFID chip adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle's ignition.

What is the best key programming tool? ›

Best key programmers at a glance:
  • Autel IM608 Pro.
  • Advanced DIagnostics Smart Pro.
  • AutoProPad G2.
  • Topdon Ninja 1000.
  • Code Canibal.
Feb 23, 2022

Can I start my car without a transponder chip? ›

Unfortunately, there's no real way to start a car without the transponder chip. Although you can use a key that doesn't have the right programming to open your vehicle's doors, you need to use a correctly programmed key to turn ON your vehicle engine.

Can you reprogram a used transponder key? ›

You could reprogram a key fob to a different vehicle as long as the key is the same for the vehicle. In this case, if the key can go into the doors and unlock them, then you would need to do the following: Remove the battery from the key fob and put it back in (unless you put in a new battery)

Can Lowes copy a transponder key? ›

The short answer is yes, Lowe's makes keys, and its customers can access the service online and in person. The process is also seamless, and it would take just a few minutes to get a copy of your key!

Can a key be programmed by VIN number? ›

Most vehicles in the United States from 1990 and up have key codes that are saved on file with the manufactures. As long as you can prove ownership of your vehicle a car key can be made with the Vehicle Identification Number aka VIN number. Once a key code is pulled from the VIN number a car key can be cut.

Can you program a key fob without going to the dealership? ›

In reality, however, while creating a new key fob, as well as programming it to work with your car, may require the assistance of a professional, a skilled locksmith can aid you with this effort without requiring you to head back to the dealership for help.

How does a locksmith reprogram a key? ›

The key-cutting equipment resembles a mini-CNC mechanical or laser cutting tool. The unique vehicle identification number (VIN) can provide the locksmith with the exact key cutting code required to cut the blank key into a replica of the original car key.

Can AutoZone make a key without the original? ›

For most makes and models, AutoZone has the parts, knowledge, and technology required to replace your car key. If you don't have a key with a chip in it, it's as straightforward as copying the key you still have.

How do I bypass or disable immobilizer? ›

Placing the key inside the keyhole

You can bypass the immobilizer by placing the key in the keyhole hence deactivating the car's immobilizer to remote start.

Can Walmart copy a transponder key? ›

Unfortunately, Walmart is not among those places that could replace transponder keys. Ideally, Walmart provides an easy way to replicate car keys, and if you have an older vehicle, this is the place to be for duplicating.

Can a transponder key be copied? ›

With a professional locksmith on your side, you can get your transponder key especially duplicated. What you need is a blank transponder key that has not been programmed. From there, your professional locksmith can use the same kind of machine as your dealership in order to duplicate the key.

Can a transponder key cause car not to start? ›

Engine won't start – if you use your key on the ignition but your engine won't start, it could mean that the transponder chip within your vehicle doesn't recognise your key anymore.

Why wont my programmed key start my car? ›

The most usual reason a transponder fails to work would be your battery. With every transponder key, there's a little battery which aids the communication with the car. Although these batteries are made to endure for a while sometimes, they will fail and run out of juice.

Is locksmith app free? ›

From $9/month. 15-day free trial.

Is there a master key for locks? ›

Any key that operates two or more unique locks can be called a master key. A master key will look like any other key within a master key system. It will be the same size and same basic shape. Only the cuts will differentiate it, unless it is stamped with identifying alphanumeric characters, like “GGM” or “GM” or “A”.

Can you program a key with a scan tool? ›

Newer vehicles require a scan tool to learn a new key or remote to perform onboard programming. You might already do this at your shop if you have the right scan tool and software. Onboard procedures use the antenna coil on the vehicle to read the transponder or ID number in the new key or remote.

How do you check a transponder key? ›

In every vehicle that has a transponder key system in it there ia a security light. The security light ranges from a picture of a key, lock, letters like “sec” to just a small light. The image of light can be located on your dashboard to your center console.

Is a transponder key a smart key? ›

Smart keys work similarly to transponder keys, but they are more convenient for the driver. Many smart key features include the vehicle detecting the presence of the key, and it unlocks the car. The same goes for when the vehicle needs to be started.

Can a car with a transponder key be stolen? ›

Yes, in many circumstances keyless cars are easier to steal. That said, it also depends on the particular model, as well as the situation. Some models have keyless entry that unlocks the doors when the key is close-by but still have a conventional key that is physically put in the ignition to start the car.

How many different transponder keys are there? ›

There are 2 basic types of transponder keys, Zero bitted, and encrypted.

Why does it cost so much to program a key? ›

Basic keys and fobs don't feature advanced mechanics and can be duplicated with relatively simple machines or tools. Modern keys feature advanced transmitters, codes and programming, which leads to a higher cost because they take more time to duplicate and the actual hardware is more expensive.

What is the difference between key coding and key programming? ›

Key Differences

Coding is the act of changing and writing code from one language to another, whereas programming is the process of constructing executable software that can be used to create machine-specific error-free outputs.

Why is car key programming so expensive? ›

Transponder Keys

They are a combination of the mechanical key, but with a transponder in the key head. The transponder links up with the vehicle and confirms the key is a valid one. This two-step process adds cost to replacing the key, as the transponder needs to be replaced and programmed as well.

Can you program a transponder key without the original? ›

Vehicles manufactured with a transponder key won't start without the original transponder. This is why losing your transponder key can be troublesome. Thankfully, though, by following a few steps, you can program a transponder key without the original and hopefully start your engine successfully.

Are all transponder chips the same? ›

Transponders come in many types; each automotive manufacturer develops its system, which means that there are no universal transponder chips. Transponders also come in different casings and have different looks; they can come in ceramic or glass casings.

Can you use the same transponder for a different car? ›

Yes, you may transfer a transponder between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class. There are penalties for using a transponder in a different vehicle class (i.e. Car transponder in a tractor- trailer.)

Can you reuse a transponder? ›

Non-locked transponders can be recycled and used with a different compatible vehicle. For most applications, a locked transponder must be unlocked before it can be used to operate a different vehicle.

Does Walmart make car keys with chips? ›

No. The key copy kiosks at Walmart are designed to create key duplicates, but they are not equipped to fix broken keys. To have a broken key repaired or replaced, visit a locksmith or car dealership.

Does a transponder key have a chip? ›

Transponder keys use microchips that transmit a low-level signal from the key to the receiver, located in the car. The manufacturer programs the microchip in the key with a unique serial number that will only match up to the digital serial number in the car.

Where do you program a key fob? ›

Call a local locksmith; they can usually program a key fob significantly cheaper. Average price for programming a key fob is about $60.

How long does it take to re program a key? ›

Programming can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the type of vehicle. This almost always has to be done by your local car locksmith or dealership. Some vehicles can be programmed “on-board, which means anyone can do it if they follow a special programming procedure.

Is there an app to program car keys? ›

The EZ InstallerTM lets you easily “pair” new car keys using an app on your phone. The “do-it-yourself” installer is compatible with thousands of vehicle makes and models. Skip the dealership, add new keys to your car at home.

Do you need a programmer to program a key fob? ›

If your car is equipped with onboard programming you will be able to program a new transponder key or a keyless entry remote by yourself. If you own a newer vehicle, most likely it would not be equipped with onboard programming, and it will require a professional key programmer.

Can you duplicate a key that says do not duplicate at Walmart? ›

The truth is there's no law regarding “do not duplicate” keys. The engraved message found on many business keys is not legally binding – it's just a recommendation. Though many chain hardware stores, such as Ace, may refuse to cut a copy of these keys, a locksmith can easily duplicate them.

Does Lowes have a key kiosk? ›

Usually, you'll need to visit the Hardware Department, where you'll find a Lowe's representative at a key kiosk. The representative will offer guidance and walk you through the entire process. Some stores might even find self-service key copy kiosks for more standard key types.

Does Tractor Supply make keys? ›

But does Tractor Supply make or copy keys? Most Tractor Supply stores only offer self-service key copying machines called Minute Key kiosks and do not offer any store-based key duplication services. However, Minute Key booths are both cheap and easy to use and can copy most home and office keys within minutes.

Can a key fob be programmed by VIN number? ›

The key FOB cannot be programmed to a different vehicle VIN.

Who can program my key fob? ›

If you locked your keys in your car, a locksmith would be the best option. If you need a new key fob for your car, a dealer would be the better choice. Do you want to save money? If you're going to pay less for key fob programming, you'll want to skip the dealership and visit a locksmith.

Can you order a key fob by VIN number? ›

As long as you can prove ownership of your vehicle a car key can be made with the Vehicle Identification Number aka VIN number.

What is the key hero app? ›

With KeyHero, you can create a free, secure, and convenient digital backup of your most important keys to easily share, store, and copy. We make sure you're never locked out again. When you duplicate a key at one of our locations, you have the option to make a digital backup for free.

What mode of entry does Walmart use? ›

Market entry strategy

Walmart employed the acquisition strategy to enter most foreign markets. For the market that Walmart penetrated through Joint ventures, it always tried to acquire a major position in ownership (Mexico and Brazil markets) or turn a local business into its subsidiary (Japan market).


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